TEMS Ventures as a group started its journey 4 years ago


We started in technology but soon found out that technology is indeed only an enabler and that business processes need to be efficiently and effectively established/




Then technology applied to successfully provide value for money, efficiently delivered services and produce/supply quality products to customers.



We invest our time and money wherever we find that we can make a difference: provide excellent customer satisfaction, value

for money, return on investment, provide efficient services, solve business problems and above all have a lot of fun doing it.





A Technology Services Consulting company first in Australia in 2015 and now operates out of the United States as TEMS-US. We build Web, Mobile Phone, SaaS

cloud-based applications, DevOps/Automation Tools and provide independent IT consultancy services specifically across enterprise computing.



Past and current clients include PWC, Infor Global Services, IAG Insurance, Suncorp Bank etc.



We are able to leverage the skills and expertise of over 500 seasoned Software Engineers, Artificial Intelligence experts, DevOps experts, Technical Project Managers, Business Analysts, Architects & IT support personnel from our in-house globally located personnel and a partnership with a leading software engineering company in Vietnam.




A DevOps & IT Test Environment Management Company formed in the United States also in 2015 and developed Omnium Lite -  An IT Environments Managment DevOps tool set, one of three such products available globally.



This is what Vodafone had to say about our DevOps toolset called Omnium Lite





















An Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) Entity was formed in 2017 in  Kazakhstan and has a significant client base in the United states.

Our Group Founder mentored the AI4ml founder, was eventually invited to sit on their board as a business advisor and an equity partner.



TEMS Hearing Inc


A Hearing Services company currently researching using (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) to provide better hearing related products and services. Formed in March 2019, again the lead partner who is a Hearing Specialist is getting mentored by our Group Founder.



TEMS Hearing is a vendor or service supplier to the state of California in the United States.





A specialist product & services supply company formed in March 2019.

Our journey the way we see it has only just started. Visit our sites more often to follow our progress on this amazing journey.

Group Founder


We are looking for amazing people to assist us in our journey, if you want to join us please send an email with your resume to careers@temsventures.com and in two paragraphs tell us why we need you and why you need us